The Best Open Source HTML5 +JS Video Players for 2021

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HTML5 encourages Interoperability standards that include a variety of components which has improved web standards to the next level and provided a platform to build amazing applications on top of it.

Since it was first released with features, including accessibility to the Internet with <video> and <audio> tags, the main aim is to provide the language understood by computers and software.

These features allow all kinds of web browsers to be accessible for videos and audio. If, for a certain reason, you do not have a new version of browsers, HTML5 players still have an alternative for that, through which it makes sure that all your videos with different sizes are watchable.

Several open-source HTML5 players are available in 2021, as open-source players have their perks, including bugs that are fixed by all-time available contributors. To find the list of the best 10, you don’t need to go anywhere, have a look at the following.

Number1: VideoJS (JavaScript):

With customized features, this open-source VideoJs player using Javascript and CSS is rated first for its popularity as more than 400,000 websites with hundreds of contributors who actively maintain this project. It has additional support for flash videos and advertisements.

Features that Fallback to older technologies:

  • consistent JavaScript API to extend and manage playbacks
  • eliminates bugs and browser inconsistencies
  • full-screen mode and subtitles (although it is provided by others, many companies prefer this feature with advanced updated technology)
  • HLS: for delivering the content over the Internet, this HTTP Live Streaming is the most preferred protocol with the main purpose of providing quality to your video and audio even when mobiles switch between WIFI and mobile network.
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming: best quality videos and audios delivered via MPEG DASH and Apple’s HLS.

How to get started (Developers’ guidelines):

First things first:

Load the initial scripts and styles before invoking the actual APIs

<link href=”//” rel=”stylesheet”>

<script src=”//”></script>

Example for initializing a basic VideoJS Player, using Video.js is as simple as creating a <video> element, but with additional data-setup attributes. At a minimum, this attribute must have a value of ‘{}’, but it can include any of the Video.js options – as long as it contains valid JSON!








  <source src=”//″ type=”video/mp4″></source>

  <source src=”//” type=”video/webm”></source>

  <source src=”//” type=”video/ogg”></source>

  <p class=”vjs-no-js”>

                      To view this video please enable JavaScript, and consider upgrading to a

                      web browser that

                      <a href=”” target=”_blank”>

                      supports HTML5 video




For a complete setup, please follow the link:

Number 2: Plyr:

If you are looking for a feathery weight, accessible and customizable HTML 5 player having all the advanced features regarding modern browsers, plyr is all that you need.

Features that make it stand out:

  • It is responsive to All screens
  • Supports HLS
  • Standardize API
  • Monetization
  • standardized events across formats
  • “vanilla” ES6 JavaScript, no jQuery, no framework

For a quick setup:

 Plyr extends upon the standard HTML5 media element markup:

For HTML5 video:

<video id=”player” playsinline controls data-poster=”/path/to/poster.jpg”>

 <source src=”/path/to/video.mp4″ type=”video/mp4″ />

 <source src=”/path/to/video.webm” type=”video/webm” />

 <!– Captions are optional –>

 <track kind=”captions” label=”English captions” src=”/path/to/captions.vtt” srclang=”en” default />


For HTML5 audio:

<audio id=”player” controls>

 <source src=”/path/to/audio.mp3″ type=”audio/mp3″ />

 <source src=”/path/to/audio.ogg” type=”audio/ogg” />


Number3: MediaElement.js

If you don’t want your player to use Flash as a Fallback, Media element js uses Flash supporting IE11+, MS Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iOS 8+ and Android 4.0+. That makes browser HTML5 compliant by enabling H.264 codecs on all browsers.

Features include:

  • Supports HSL and M(PEG)-DASH
  • Supports social media platforms
  • Implementation of the HTML5 MediaElement API
  • WebVTT format is used as an accessibility strandard
  • WordPress core, Drupal, jQuery, and ruby gem related Plugins are built in.

For a quick install you need to do the following,

<script src=”/path/to/mediaelement-and-player.min.js”></script>

<!– Include any languages from `build/lang` folder –>

<script src=”/path/to/dist/speed/speed.min.js”></script>

<!– Translation file for plugin (includes ALL languages available on player)–>

<script src=”/path/to/dist/speed/speed-i18n.js”></script>


    var player = new MediaElementPlayer(‘playerId’, {

                      defaultSpeed: 0.75,

                      // other configuration elements




Number 4: jPlayer

A query and zepto plugin allow jplayer to lace internet web pages with cross-platform videos and audios; it has a comprehensive API that provides improvised solutions along with Jplayers supportive and growing community.

Features embedded:

  • Get started easily
  • Customizable Using HTML and CSS
  • Lightweight- almost 14kb
  • Not bound to license restrictions
  • Community support
  • Free plugins
  • Documentation is comprehensive
  • consistent API and interface
  • Media that is supported by it includes HTML5 and Flash

You can install Jplayer via Composer:

// …

“require”: {

                      // …

                      “happyworm/jPlayer”: “2.*”

                      // …


// …

“config”: {

                      “component-dir”: “your/desired/asset/path”


// …

Simply add these lines to your composer.json in your project. Then execute PHP composer.phar update

Number5: Kaltura HTML5 Video Player

Kaltura is the one with unparalleled rigorous performance, built-in collaboration; this player provides customization ease and integration across different sites. Using the HTML5 player unified Development API extends its functionality. Open source Kaltura gives the best performance with all features that put forward full advantage fetch ahead parallel JavaScript resource loading in updated browsers. With zero investments, you can get the best of HTML5 features and provide incarnation to your video content.

Key features:

  • Integration with advertisement networks and analytics providers
    • Ad Formats include VAST 3.0, for  Google DoubleClick DFP, Ad Tech, Eye Wonder, Tremor Video, and more
    • Modifications can be done with API or UIconf
    • Unparalleled robust performance
    • Player Studio & Templates
    • Kaltura Whitepaper  
    • Syndication and monetization.

For getting it ready, we do not have to do a lot; just insert the following code snippet where the player needs to appear:

<!-- Substitute 243342 with your partner id, 21099702 with your uiconf_id -->
<script src="//">
<div id="kaltura_player_1622656007488" style="width:600px;height:330px;" itemprop="video" itemscope itemtype="" >
<!-- Search engine metadata, based on -->
<span itemprop="description" content="A dated advertisment for Folgers Coffee"></span>
<span itemprop="name" content="Folgers Coffee"></span>
<span itemprop="duration" content="60"></span>
<span itemprop="thumbnailUrl" content=""></span>
<span itemprop="width" content="600"></span>
<span itemprop="height" content="330"></span>
targetId: "kaltura_player_1622656007488",
wid: "_243342",
uiconf_id: "21099702",
entry_id: "0_uka1msg4",
flashvars: {
"playbackRateSelector": {
"plugin" : true
"closedCaptions": {
"plugin" : true
"infoScreen": {
"plugin" : true
"moderation": {
"plugin" : true
"share": {
"plugin" : true
"audioSelector": {
"plugin" : true
"accessibilityButtons": {
"plugin" : true,
"positionBtn" : true,
"forwardBtn" : true,
"backwardBtn" : true
"streamerType" : "auto",
"inlineScript" : false

For more information:

Number 6: Clappr

With most of the proprietary plugins, including auditude for embedded ads, Adapt streaming quality to bandwidth, Clappr is extensible, having HLS plugin and free for all who are seeking quality work with less budget. It also provides plugins for:

  • Seek time for Preview image on seekbar and also wandenberg’s thumb extractor plugin on the server-side
    • for Playlists
    • Live Streaming
    • Quality selection provides an easy way of installation.


  <script type=”text/javascript”

                      src=”[email protected]/dist/clappr.min.js”>




  <div id=”player”></div>


                      var player = new Clappr.Player({source: “”, parentId: “#player”});



You can visit

Number 7: Projekktor

This player works for the user’s demands. A self-hosted open-source video player is taking care of all sorts of audiences. We have the core components, covering the basic points along with all the technical plugins.

Core components:

  • pan-browser compatibility
    • easy to integrate       
    • Javascript is driven by HTML5
    • Works on a variety of platforms, including chrome safari, etc

For easy installation:

Number 8: Flow player

It is considered as the most deployed player with the smallest footprint; it is basically providing the way to improve the video business with the best performance in high-quality playback; the most flexible and fastest player takes less storage in your device.

Core competencies:

  • Using Flowplayer plugins and HTML5 video API, you can build your own player.
    • Provides full browser support
    • Customization is available with already available templates, or CSS is there to make detailed tweaks.
    • Freehand to innovation

For the easy way, you can visit

Number 9: Contus Vplay

Used by developers Contus Vplay. Suppose you want your videos to have quality streaming with monetization and management options for video innovators who make and sell video content. Vplay is trusted for its security integration. You can make your own trusted content for a website like Netflix.

Contus Vplay’s Features:

  • Demanded video
    • Monetization
    • Hosting
    • OTT TV
    • Live streaming

Number 10: Videogular2

It is different from all other players, along with all other features; it is a kind of doodle where you can add whatever you want. It is built on top of angular.

Main Features:

  • It doesn’t provide support for Flash, making the code faster.
    • HTML and CSS code eliminates the use of JavaScript
    • Own plugins could be created through intermediate API
    • Plain CSS would help you to create your own theme
    • Its API is built with rxjs/Observables For media player to be reactive
    • Multicam
    • Easy contribution from others as it is based on Angular.

For more info

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